“Clinic Dzintari”


You can apply for day hospital or specialist visits using the electronic application form www.dzintari.lv, or by calling +371 29549983

“Clinic Dzintari”registration number for medical institution: 130063401.


– “Klīnika Dzintari” has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Latvian branch of Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE.

– When serving the Insured Person, the health insurance program is specified in the Card, the specified restrictions and limitations are taken into account.

“Clinic Dzintari” is a private clinic in Jurmala, Melluži, which is surrounded by pine trees. For more than twenty five years  the clinic has been helping those who are in the crisis, yearning to regain the peace, courage and power of their life. In 2023, the Clinic provided 2125 outpatient consultations and served 663 clients of the Day Clinic.
Here everyone here who care about their quality of life can receive professional psychiatric and psychological help.
Treatment with intensive and integrated therapy in the care of professional specialists in an opened, welcoming and encouraging environment, – is exactly what is needed, to put the foundations for the stable changes in one’s health.


- Registration to the  paid program (tel. +37129549983) or by e-mail: dzintari@dzintari.lv

- While contacting you, the date and time of admission will be planned, when you have to come to the clinic with an identity document and a face mask. If you need an overnight stay, please look in the part of our home page: Services/Hotel Services.

- On the day of admission, you must arrive at the clinic reception at the specified time. Appropriate documents for the planned program will be prepared at the reception.

- The client receives the first doctor's consultation, where all necessary things for successful treatment are planned and  prescribed.

- An individual schedule is developed for the client, according to which the client is guided during the treatment. The duration of the treatment course in paid programs is 5 days. If necessary, a certificate of incapacity for work is issued.

- At the end of the treatment course, it is possible to visit all specialists on an outpatient basis.

To decide about the treatment in our clinic, we invite you to apply for a consultation with our clinic specialists.

  • The possibility to get an individual consultation catering to your needs and result-oriented professional advice;
  • Diverse psycho-therapeutic approach. We offer – dance and movement therapy, drama therapy, visual plastic art therapy, consciousness activation training, body relaxation;
  • The possibility of massages and beauty treatments.  Physical activities – remedial gymnastics, stretching and Nordic walking;
  • Also, change of the usual environment to the sea and its natural energy.
After treatment in the clinic, you can also visit all specialists outpatient, apply by phone + 371 67754811.