Klīnika Dzintari | “Clinic Dzintari”
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“Clinic Dzintari”


“Clinic Dzintari” is a private clinic in Jurmala, Melluži, which is surrounded by pine – trees. Already for more then twenty years clinic helps to those who are in the crisis of the life to regain the peace, the courage and the power of the life.


Everyone here who cares for his/her life’s quality can receive the professional psychiatric and psychological help.


The treatment in the care of professional specialists in the welcome, opened and encouraging environment, – is exactly the thing, what is needed, to put the foundation with the intensive and integrated therapy for the stable changes in the health.

To decide about the treatment in our clinic, we invite you to apply for the consultation with our clinic specialists.

    • The possibility to get an individual to your needs and results-oriented professional advice;
    • Diverse psychotherapeutic approach – art, dance and movement, thematic groups,  consciousness activation training, psychodrama;
    • The possibility of massages and beauty treatments, visit remedial gymnastics, yoga, ergonomics, PILATES and Nordic walking lessons restoring physical strength;
    • Rest in comfortable rooms of the hotel “Daina Jurmala Beach Hotel & SPA”, complex lunch in the hotel’s restaurant “TWINS” as well as the usual change of environment and the sea natural energy.