When do you need help?

You need help if you:

  • are experiencing increased anxiety, fatigue and feeling emotionally unstable;
  • long and often feel depressed and unhappy;
  • cannot sleep or cannot wake up during the day;
  • do not see the meaning of your life, you feel hopeless or feel indifference and inner emptiness;

You have experienced a painful crisis and are still unable to fully come back to life, such as:

  • lost a significant relationship,
  • a victim of violence,
  • faced serious health problems, etc.;
  • encounter a relationship crisis and are unable to make the right decision;
  • unable to cope with stressful situations, unable to relax;
  • having  intrusive thoughts or feelings that you are unable to resolve, in your opinion, significant problems;

You have different types of functional disorders of internal organs, to which you or your doctor cannot find an explanation, such as:

  • chest pain associated with emotional burden
  • gastrointestinal disorders,
  • frequent colds,
  • dizziness,
  • sweating
  • sexual disorders.

If you encounter the above or any other symptoms and feel that you are in need of psychological, psychotherapeutic or psychiatric help, apply for a consultation.