Consultations through Skype led by psychiatrist, drama therapist and art therapist

Clients are strongly urged to attend hospital wearing a face covering, but a face mask will be provided in emergencies!

Skype consultations of psychiatrist, drama therapist and art therapist  (45 min – 50 EUR; repeated consultation – 40 EUR). Online therapy is confidential, effective and safe and has scientifically supported benefits. There are a number of life circumstances that on-line therapy is suited. For example, too far to travel, busy schedule, frequent traveling residing abroad, or even those who suffer from e.g. excess anxiety. In fact, it is often easier for clients to get in touch with deeper feelings. This is able to result in more effective treatment therapy in the privacy of one’s own premises can provide a context of safety. That is essential for resolving excess anxiety or trauma.
For a Skype session you will need a computer with a camera and access to high – speed internet.
Please, contact us to inquire about this option: + 37167754811 or
Before applying please, read these rules:
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Doctor – psychiatrist consultations/home visits

Psychiatrist consultations/home visits for seniors and people with reduced mobility. Service is offered in Riga, Jurmala, Salaspils, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Price 200 EUR (duration of consultation up to 1 h). The price includes the preparation of documents for sending a person to The State Commission of Health and Work Expertise of Physicians.
During the consultation, it is advisable to present the results of previous medical examinations, medical documentation from hospitals and the conclusions of consultants.
Apply by phone: +37167754811 or GSM: + 37129549983