The clients of the Dzintari Clinic have the opportunity to get a free pass every day during the treatment period for the entrance in Jurmala:, and then come to the clinic administrator to receive confirmation of your pass.


– “Klīnika Dzintari” has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Latvian branch of Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE.

– When serving the Insured Person, the health insurance program is specified in the Card, the specified restrictions and limitations are taken into account.


Each of us sometimes messes around on the spot, but sometimes we do too much, for example, we work without raising our heads, or we worry about what we cannot change. However, it turns out that work without rest leads to exhaustion, doubts, takes away the joy of life and faith in people, worry reduces the ability to concentrate. In life, moments of joy alternate with times of sorrow and sadness, when the world seems particularly unfair and fate cruel. This is the moment when additional encouragement is most needed – special inner strength, positive emotions and support to make this time brighter. You create your own life by getting to know doubts, sadness, resentment, pain, also anger and joy. In a gestalt therapy, everyone can openly say how they feel and why they wanted to say what they said. In the therapy, you have the opportunity to get to know yourself better, your feelings, to realize what is not satisfying in life, and to start expressing better to others. This therapy is like a learning space where you can try something new and never seen before, see how it works, and then implement it in your life.   It is this opportunity to openly talk about your problems and receive support that provides great relief to you and promotes positive changes in your life.  Gestalt therapy gives the opportunity to: get rid of negative emotions and experiences, take care of yourself and find joy in yourself, receive support and encouragement for positive changes in yourself, build relationships with people so that they bring satisfaction to yourself and others, accept yourself as I really am. Gestalt therapy is led by gestalt therapist Anna Lieckalniņa. Apply by phone:+371 67147833

Consultations through Skype or Whatsapp led by psychiatrist, drama therapist, nutrition specialist and art therapist

You can apply for day hospital or specialist visits using the electronic application form, or by calling +371 29549983

Skype consultations of psychiatrist  (45 min – 60 EUR; repeated consultation up to 30 min.– 40 EUR). Online therapy is confidential, effective and safe and has scientifically supported benefits. There are a number of life circumstances that on-line therapy is suited. For example, if the clinic is too far, a busy schedule, frequent traveling residing abroad, or even those who suffer from e.g. excess anxiety. In fact, it is often easier for clients to get in touch with deeper feelings. This enables a more effective treatment therapy in the privacy of one’s own premises can provide a context of safety. That is essential for resolving excess anxiety or trauma. Although specialists recommend to have the first consultation face-to – face.
For a Skype session you will need a computer with a camera and access to high – speed internet.
Please, contact us to inquire about this option: +37129549983 or
Before applying please, read these rules:
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