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May – the month before summer and sunbathing season!

From May 21, “Clinic Dzintari” introduces a mandatory safety measure for patients / clients – to visit the clinic only with a face mask and only if no symptoms of COVID – 19 have appeared.

“Clinic Dzintari” (Latvia, Jurmala, Str.Mežsargu 4/6, tel. + 37167147833) offers discount – 20% from May 5 – 29 on the following cosmetic procedures:

Relaxing body massage“Polynesia” /60 min/ 28 EUR (usually – 35 EUR) – your body will relax completely, enjoying a mild coconut and floral aroma.

Body wrap with mask – body mineralization with lavender /30 min/ 16 EUR (usually – 20 EUR) – procedure will help to improve the emotional condition, balance emotions and to reduce the stress and tension.

Body peeling “Amazone” /30 min/ 16 EUR (usually – 20 EUR) – will help to recover energy and to start again with a new sense of happiness.

SPA program for face, decollete and hands “Ocean secrets” /50 min/ 28 EUR (usually – 35 EUR) – an extraordinary anti-aging facial – to reveal each woman’s beauty. THALION’s laboratories have designed Ocean Secrets – more than just a treatment, it focuses the quintessence of THALION’s technological know – how on achieving immediate results and an unique sensory experience.

Slimming Express /30 min/ 20 EUR (usually – 25 EUR) – this innovative treatment offers an immediate slimming solution and visible results in only 1 session. Thanks to its double action – exfoliating and slimming – the silhouette is sculptured in 30 minutes flat.

Belly sculptor /45 min/ 24 EUR (usually – 30 EUR) – the procedure for slim waist line and stomach with a slimming and anti-fat effect. The procedure is for all women who want to regain the slim stomach and waist shape. This procedure is also with anti-stress and relaxing effect. Recommended course 3-6 times 1 time per week.


Consultations through Skype by psychiatrist and psychotherapist

Skype consultations of psychiatrist and psychotherapist (45 min – 45 EUR; repeated consultation – 35 EUR) – online therapy is confidential, effective and safe and has scientifically supported benefits. There are a number of life circumstances that on-line therapy is suited to e.g., suit, too far to travel, busy schedule, frequent traveling residing abroad, or even those who suffer from e.g. excess anxiety. In fact, it is often easier for clients to get in touch with deeper feelings. This is able to result in more effective treatment therapy in the privacy of one’s own premises can provide a context of safety, essential for resolving excess anxiety or trauma.

For a Skype session you will need a computer with a camera and access to high – speed internet.

Please, contact us to inquire about this option: + 37167754811 or dzintari@dzintari.lv

Before applying please, read these rules:

skype noteikumi ENG


Stretching is a form of physical exercise in which a specific muscle or tendon or muscle group is deliberately flexed or stretched in order to improve the muscle’s felt elasticity and achieve comfortable muscle tone. The result is a feeling of increased muscle control, flexibility, and range of motion. Stretching is also used therapeutically to alleviate cramps.

Doctor – psychiatrist consultations/home visits – not available until June 9, 2020

Psychiatrist consultations/home visits for seniors and people with reduced mobility – in Riga, Jurmala, Salaspils, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Price 200 EUR (duration of consultation up to 1 h). The price includes the preparation of documents for sending a person to The State Commission of Health and Work Expertise of Physicians.

During the consultation, it is advisable to present the results of previous medical examinations, medical documentation from hospitals and the conclusions of consultants.

Apply by phone: +37167754811 or + 37129549983.


Psychodrama is a form of group psychotherapy where, in a safe environment, non-solved problems are addressed, interfaced, inter-generational encounters take place, where for years, the silent ones start talking again. Is psychodrama returning a person back in the past? Yes and No! Thanks to methods used in psychodrama, such as changing roles, mirroring, maximizing, doubling, etc., it is possible to return atypically to any situation that has occurred in the past or not occurred, and to change… no, the events themselves cannot be changed, they have been too unlucky to fail, nothing outside yourself, but only yourself! You can make significant changes in yourself – in today’s self! We each have our own life, our own experience and our own understanding of what our lives should be. Sometimes what happened has a very important impact on today. For example, we have lost a close man, very close, the pain of losing was so strong that, in order to be able to treat them, they were driven into the depths of the soul and still lying there, but not hurt until end, they have become our invisible part and are indirectly present in the daily routine. Unrecognized by our minds, they create a common mood, and we are sad, so utterly sad… with no end, with no sides. Psychodrama has the chance to meet them again, even to talk and respect them, to divorce. Releasing this pain opens up the possibility of becoming free of the strangling feeling in the body that has prevented breathing freely for so long. Psychodrama helps no longer be a victim of circumstances if, of course, a person wants it himself. Helps to be more spontaneous and create, not impulsively respond!

By applying to a group of topics, a person expresses his readiness to experience psychodrama, to have an eye-to-face encounter with his problem, difficulty, or even desire. Not necessarily “deep digging” and the healing of the scars of the past, in psychodramatic way can also work with goals, future intentions, including dreams. At the beginning of psychodrama, the group member becomes a psychodrama leader, with active group participation, he goes from scene to scene, dating the various aspects of his life, until he comes to a new milestone. The new experience is a person’s own. Next, everyone can choose how they want to integrate responsibly and conscientiously their old transformation—but it doesn’t happen in the self-flow. A psychodrama specialist who purposefully leads this therapeutic process according to his qualifications and experience will take care of all parameters of the quality of psychotherapy.

Anybody who matters to therapeutic work, such as willowest details of life, can be invited on stage, as important as an unbearable tragedy, first love and hatred, happiness and misfortune, emptiness, pain, unreleased scream… Psychodrama helps just as much as anyone is prepared to do, so you need to pause it, pause it before. We can’t scream without inhaling, and that’s the moment it’s worth stopping and listening to yourself, listening to your soul screaming!

Head of psychodrama – Gundega Kozlova Certified psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy leader