Therapeutic sessions

Therapeutic sessions

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Often with a mediated therapeutic way it is easier to move towards yourself and to seek solutions with atypical ways.

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For a complete recovery during the therapeutic course at “Clinic Dzintari” everyone is recommended to attend such additional therapies:

Drama therapy

Drama therapy is a type of art therapy where creative activity (“drama” – from ancient Greeks translated as “activity”) is used in a therapeutic environment. The patient has the opportunity to be aware of the causes of their difficulties, discover new and hitherto unknown roles (perspectives) and find new approaches to problem solving. Recognition of the patient’s emotional world is essential in drama therapy, which includes both emotional awareness and discharge. This therapy is based on the principles of projection, embodiment and play. Through methods such as role play, metaphorical properties, analysis of dreams and fairy tales, guided imagination and awareness training, mental and physical integrity and personal growth are achieved.

Drama therapy can be implemented both individually and in a group.

The drama therapy group process is realized through creative activity and interaction between group members. The goals of the group are related to the training of communication and social skills, experience in building various types of relationships (both formal and informal) and the promotion of joy in life. An essential part of the drama therapy group process is a role-play in which the patient can try out different social situations (e.g. job interview, family reunion, first date, etc.) both by actively playing and by observing and analyzing from the sidelines. The drama therapy group promotes an accepting, supportive and non-judgmental environment in which the artistic expression of each group member is unique and unrepeatable, regardless of their abilities.

Art Therapy

Please come in comfortable clothes suitable for creative work.
Visual plastic art therapy is one of the four types of art therapy that uses art and the creative process in a therapeutic context. In art therapy, a person is invited to portray their thoughts, feelings and needs – to draw, paint, create from clay or plasticine, put together as a collage. Significance is given to the work created, the process of creating the work, as well as reflection and also a conversation with an art therapist after the creative process. Conversations are used in art therapy, which can help describe the experience in the work process. The purpose of these conversations is to make a connection with the mind, human actions and feelings.

The art therapy group deals with various art materials. Time is devoted to creating work, looking at work and talking about the experience here and now. No previous experience in working with art materials is required, as this group allows everyone to experience and rediscover art. During the group, everyone is invited to participate in a creative process in which a work of art is created, each of which is individual, different and significant in its own special way. An important part of art therapy is a conversation about the experienced creative process and artwork, which allows you to be aware of and name the experience of the group and share your feelings with others. Everyone will have the opportunity to share as much information about themselves as they want. The art therapy group is led by an art therapist who helps and provides support during the group.
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Body relaxation therapy

Relaxation therapy by using relaxation therapeutically, will help you to relieve stress, control anxiety symptoms, improve sleep, and have a better quality of life in general. The aim of relaxation therapy is to calm down the mind, allow thoughts to flow in a smooth rhythm and induce the relaxation response.

Consciousness activation training

It is a good way to learn how to manage stress, improve the physical and psychological feelings. In this training you can learn self-help methods, that you can use later by yourself. Anyhow it is a great possibility to rest and open your inner resources.

Training is based on a natural human ability to be able to focus all your attention to the process of maximal relaxation. In the beginning of the training you will feel warmth and heaviness in your body, followed by visualization exercises. After the exercises a person feels energetic and has regained inner peace.

Movement and Dance Therapy

In this group therapy through movement and dance steps, you will get acquainted with new and various possibilities of communication, develop your spontaneity and creative spirit. You don’t need to be flexible and physically active. If you want to express yourself and develop yourself through movement in a joyful and friendly atmosphere, you are welcome.