Klīnika Dzintari | Cosmetic procedures for face and body and massage
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Cosmetic procedures for face and body and massage

THALION Cosmetic procedures for face and body and massage

Release daily stress and recharge yourself for a new day!

The clinic offers a wide range of massages, cosmetic procedures.

Special offer for beauty treatments from October 1 to  31 – 20% discount on the following procedures

Body wrap “Amazone” (30 min.)– energizing procedure, absolute relaxation and surprising inner comfort feeling – 20 EUR (special price now – 16 EUR);

Body wrap – detoxification and drainage with seaweeds (60 min.) – will make your skin soft and elastic, in parallel filling with minerals and trace elements, drainage will insure that all these elements get deep in the skin – 40 EUR (special price now – 32 EUR).

Facial procedure “Cocoon” (60 min.) –  moisturizes the skin with warming mask – 35 EUR (special price now – 28 EUR).

Paraffin Hand SPA – peeling, massage and cream (20 min.) – your hands are submerged in the warm liquid wax of a paraffin hand spa, and the wax then hardens slightly on your skin and is removed after a few minutes. The paraffin wax helps deep – moisturize and condition the skin on your hands, your nails and cuticles  – 11 EUR (special price now – 9 EUR). 

THALION procedures for the body – wraps

Body Wrap with the mask from the seaweeds 30 min. – 20 EUR – effective procedure, which both relaxes and purify the body, the skin will remain soft and flexible, parallel filling with minerals and trace elements.

Body Wrap “Amazone” 30 min. – 20 EUR – with energizing effect and will help you to start a new day with a new sense of happiness.

Body Wrap “East” 30 min. – 20 EUR – with detox effect, stimulates elimination functions and drain the body.

Body Wrap with mask – body mineralization with lavender 30 min. – 20 EUR – procedure will help to improve the emotional condition, balance emotions and to reduce the stress and tension.

Body Wrap – detoxification and drainage with seaweeds 60 min. – 40 EUR – will make your skin soft and elastic, parallel filling with minerals and trace elements, drainage will insure that all these elements get deep in the skin.

Body treatment after sunburning “Lasting Skin Softness” 30 min. – 20 EUR – a body procedure after sunburning, to regain the moisture and softness of the skin, for long lasting and nice sunburn effect.

Procedure for legs against edema “Toned Legs” 30 min. – 20 EUR – a procedure for legs against edema.

Body Wrap with mask from seaweeds, with added magnesium and calcium 30 min. – 35 EUR – calcium and magnesium has features to reduce the stress, reduce the muscle tension and joint stiffness.

THALION procedures for the body – medical procedures and peelings

Body peeling with the sea salt, laminaria and Talisurs complex 30 min. – 20 EUR – skin cleansing and drainage. Laminaria has drainage and tonic features. Peeling will soften and clean the skin, enrich with micro and macro elements, will activate the subcutaneous fat cleavage and excess fluid excreation, reduces the appearance of the cellulite.

Body peeling “Amazone” 30 min. – 20 EUR – with energizing effect for your skin.

Body peeling “East” 30 min. – 20 EUR – with detox effect for your skin with invigorating scrub.

Slimming Express 30 min. – 25 EUR – this innovative treatment offers an immediate slimming solution and visible results in only 1 session. Thanks to its double action – exfoliating and slimming – the silhouette is resculptured in 30 minutes flat.

Back relaxation 45 min. – 30 EUR – after a purifying scrub, the marine mud releases its benefits and its soothing heat. The final massage, with its slow and deep manipulations, bit by bit relieves tension in the neck and back. A delightful moment of relaxation.

Medical procedure – body sculptor and drainage (peeling, activator, wrap, cooling gel, cream) 60 min. – 40 EUR – as the result slimmer figure with a long-lasting effect.

Well – being Odyssey 60 min. (peeling and wrap) – 40 EUR – exclusive treatment that combines innovative techniques and divine textures for a wellness and incomparable firmness result.

THALION massages

Detoxifying body massage “East” 60 min. – 35 EUR – body massage with purifying effect.

Relaxing body massage “Polynesia” 60 min. – 35 EUR – relaxing Energizing Massage (M.E.R.) restores balance and harmony to the body’s energies. This is a profoundly regenerative treatment for total well-being.

Energizing body massage “Amazone” 60 min. – 35 EUR – re-energizing body massage.

Anti-cellulite body massage 60 min. – 35 EUR

Body lymphatic drainage 70 min. – 45 EUR – toxins and excess fluid discharge and blood flow restoration, with long-lasting effect. The procedure combines a special drainage massage and drainage mask.

THALION Facial treatment

Beauty reveals 30 min. 25 EUR – a relaxing face, neck, chest, and shoulder massage (both men and women, choosing of oils scents). Relaxing aromatherapy procedure helps to get rid of facial muscle tension, fatigue, improves blood circulation, material absorption, improves skin condition. Applies to each individual skin type, use of natural organic oils and essential oils.

Acnicontrol 70 -90 min. 45 EUR – a purifying treatment against imperfections. The skin is visibly purer and the complexion recovers the freshness.

Cocoon 60 min. 35 EUR – facial procedure moisturizes the skin.

Sensitive 50 min. 35 EUR – facial procedure for sensitive type of  skin, a veil of softness for sensitive skin or redness.

Oxygen & Radiance 60 min. 35 EUR – highly concentrated in minerals, trace elements and vitamins, this care boosts the defense mechanisms of all stressed and suffocated skins and protects them against external aggressive effects. Regenerated and strengthened, the skin is smooth.

Youth Perfection 75 min. 50 EUR – this resurfacing care, specially designed to mature, dull and sagged skin, is rich in marine AHA, in micro – dermabrasation particles and enzymes. It intensely stimulates the cell renewal for a “new skin” effect. The skin is denser, firmer, it lookes lifted. The enlightening effect is amazing.

Eye and lips lift expert 30 min. 25 EUR – this dedicated treatment instantly plumps the eye and lips contour and protects from premature ageing. Real cell booster, it activates the micro – circulation to have an immediate decongestion. The specific manipulations lift the features and restore firmness to the eyelids.

Exclusive facial treatment

SPA program Ocean Secrets 50 min. – 35 EUR (for face, decollete and hands) – an extraordinary anti – aging facial – to reveal each woman’s beauty. THALION’ s laboratories have designed Ocean Secrets – more than just a treatment, it focuses the quintessence of THALION’ s technological know-how on achieving immediate results and a unique sensory experience.

THALION’s exclusive rituals for the body

Energy and tone “Amazone” 120 min. – 80 EUR – this ritual will encourage your body to recover the energy and to start again with anew sense of happiness.

Relaxation and tension reduce “Polynesia” 120 min. – 80 EUR – your body will relax completely, enjoying a mild coconut and floral aroma.

Detox Body Ritual “East” 120 min. – 80 EUR – after an invigorating scrub, a concentrate of marine ingredients is rubbed with detox specific gestures. A phase of deep detoxification follows to stimulate elimination functions and drain the body.

Body Wraps with GMT cosmetics

Chocolate body wrapping on the pure cocoa basis for the whole body (peeling + wrapping (75min))
Chocolate body wrapping - 30 min.
Warm paraffin bath for hands (peeling, massage, cream)(20min)

Waxing procedures

Upper lip
€3.00 - 5.00
Armpit waxing
Arm waxing till elbow
Arm waxing in the whole length
Leg waxing till knee
Leg waxing in the whole length
Bikini side waxing
Brazilian bikini waxing


Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly. 

Classical massage

Classic massage for people who suffer from back, head, or joint pain.

Our specialists perform massage in certain parts of the body (back, neck area, head, chest, face, arms, legs, feet), and the whole body.

As desired whole-body massage can be performed using aromatic oils.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage has both relaxing and therapeutic effects.

Massage promotes lymph circulation, which contributes to a variety of toxins and excess fluid excretion from the body, and regulates metabolism. Lymphatic drainage is a very effective procedure for the treatment of cellulite.

Very suitable for human psycho-emotional system.

Lymphatic drainage massage is also considered a beauty treatment, because it is included in figure correction programs.


Massage for the head (forehead - temple - region of top of the head) (20 min)
Massage for the neck zone  (20 min)
One arm, shoulder and blade area massage (20 min)
Massage for waist - small of the back part (25 min)
Massage for the back (dorsal surface of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral region) (30 min)
Massage for legs (40 min)
Feet massage (30 min)
Massage for the face (30min)
Classical massage for the whole body (45min)
Classical massage for the whole body (60min)
Classical massage for the whole body (80min)
Hot stone body massage (75min)
Lymphodrenage for legs (40min)
Massage for the whole body with aromatic oils (60min)
Massage for the whole body with aromatic oils (45min)

Clients are welcome to apply for the procedures by phone +371 6 7147 833

* The administration reserves the right to change prices without notice.