Pay Program


Caution! The "Clinic Dzintari" has started working in new, modern premises - at Mežsargu street 4/6, Melluži, Jurmala, LV-2008 (in the territory of the hotel "Daina Jurmala Beach Hotel & SPA", entrance from the side of prospect Mellužu).

Pay program

In our clinic you are able to receive treatment after the consultation with our clinic's doctor - psychiatrist:

  • Day hospital - 275 EUR/ 5 days;
  • Overnight stay in the hotel's TWIN room -  35 EUR/per night (from 01.10.- 30.12.2017.),including breakfast
  • Overnight stay in the hotel's Single room -  30 EUR/per night (from 01.10.- 30.12.2017.), including breakfast.
  • Complex lunch possible in the hotel's restaurant "TWINS" 4 EUR, complex dinner - 5 EUR.

"Clinic Dzintari" services are available to persons with disabilities according to the clinic price list with environmental accessibility on the 1st floor of the clinic.

The following services are included in the program:

  • Individual doctor - psychiatrist counseling 30 min. - 2x;
  • Individual consultations of psychologist 45 min. - 2x
  • Medical therapy prescribed by doctor;
  • Nurse care;
  • Nordic Walking in group 45 min. - 1x;
  • Remedial gymnastics in group 45 min. - 1x;
  • Audio-visual relaxation group therapy 60 min. - 1x;
  • Movement and dance therapy in group 60 min. - 2x;
  • Yoga in group 90 min. - 1x;
  • Head massage 20 min. - 1x
  • Individual attention and consciousness activation training 30 min. - 1x;

For the wholesome course of treatment we offer a variety of classes led by specialists:

  • Art, music, themed, dance and movement classes, body relaxation, Gestalt therapy, stress management, attention and consciousness activation training, gymnastics and Nordic Walking with  physiotherapist (cost per lesson 4-7 EUR) lesson and price list
  • Individual consultations of psychologists, individual lessons of specialists (cost per lesson 15 - 25 EUR);
  • Psychodiagnostics and written opinion (directed by your doctor) - 90 EUR;
  • Treatments - massages and beauty treatments for face and body procedure range and price list

For more information about our services, accomodation options and fees for services, we invite you to call the reception on the phone: +37167755140; +37167147833 (weekdays 9:00 - 16:00), mob.t. +37129549983 or e-mail:

Please note that the hospital administration can change prices without prior notice. In order to clarify the prices of the services, we invite you to call by pfone: + 37167755140; +37167147833 or e-mail: