Ergonomics in daily activities

Goals and tasks of this activity:

- Find out - how much we can actually protect ourselves through the use of ergonomics at work and after work;

- Find out the intensity of daily activities;

- Exercises between work breaks to feel modest and delicate;

- Find out what are the best exercises nearby the desk;

- Learn what to do when you feel firmly, with a feeling of tiredness and a big burden on your shoulders;

- Find out which tools can ease day - to day activities both at work and outside.

Course progress: explain the nature and necessity of everyday activities, as well as make recommendations for improving your daily feelings. Breathing exercises, active, dynamic and isometric exercises, exercises at the work desk, exercises for coordination and balance and deep stabilizing system. The use of ergonomic fixed assets on a daily basis and a range of multi - faceted opportunitues for daily activities.

The exercise takes place when there is bad weather - instead of Nordic Walking. Apply by phone: + 37167147833.

Group "For happy mind and whole body - while waiting for summer"

led by nutrition specialist Kristīne Sekace - on May 10

Spring is coming in quick steps, and this is a  time when we often fell the effects from long winter on wellbeing and health.

Our nutritionist has prepared some nutrition tips for the spring so that everybody could meet the coming summer - radiant and well - balanced.

In the lecture we will talk about:

  • body detox;
  • the need of vitamins and minerals in spring;
  • antioxidants - what they are and why we need them;
  • healthy fat;
  • time for marple and birch juice.

Your benefits: everyone will be able to find their own health - firndly nutrition in spring, which will help to meet the summer - radiant and energetic.

Apply by phone: + 37167147833.

Individual consultation of Mg.Sc.Sal. Nutrition Sciences,

nutritionist Kristīne Sekace - on May 10

"The main task of a nutrition specialist is to promote health for peventive purposes in order to avoid potential health problems. For each client, the diet should be applied individually, because each person is unique and needs an individual approach."

Field of action: an individual diet program is developed and consultations provoded in the following cases:

  • excess or low weight;
  • no appetite;
  • type 1 and type 2 diabetes;
  • coronary heart disease, incl.high cholsterol;
  • pregancy;
  • intolerance of products and nutritional allergies;
  • vegetarianism;
  • diarrhea, constipation;
  • you are an athlete;
  • development of an individual menu for certain diseases;
  • any other nutrition issues.

Nutrition recommendations are provided in a simple, understandable way, taking into account the lifestyle of each client, working and resting regimen, as well as financial and practical possibilities.

Expected results:

  • positive changes in your lifestyle;
  • changes in eating habits;
  • motivation to achieve the goal;
  • weight loss;
  • increase of energy and vitality;
  • improvemnt of well - being.

Apply by phone: + 37167147833.

Consultations and assessments for children and adolescents

Intellectual sphere study pre-school and school-age children with Veksler’s intelligence test for children (WISC-R) 120 min. - 45 EUR

In Clinic "Dzintari" it is possible to get the consultation regarding development and intellectual sphere evaluation of the children and adolescents for parents, kindergarden, school, doctor, "the State Pedagogical Medical" and "Health and Work Expert" commission needs.
This method is recommended to:
- Determine the dominant and the insufficient capacity and receive expert recommendations for the improvement of intellectual capacity or correction, enabling the early and timely assistance;
- To recognize early developmental retardation, developmental delays or mental retardation and get on solid research-based recommendations that will be needed to carry out the training program of choice;
- Determination of school readiness;
- Cognitive changes after head injuries, infectious diseases, epilepsy, etc. diseases;
- Intellectual ability study may need a psychiatrist (diagnosis clarification); disability determination; Pedagogical Medical Commission needs etc. instances needs;
-Intellectual ability evaluation of dynamics to keep track of changes in intellectual abilities.

Clinical psychological counseling for children and adolescents under 18 years of age 45 min. - 25 EUR

Emotional sphere counseling and conclusion for children from 6-18 years 120 min. - 75 EUR

Psychologist consultations: prior to sign up for consultation by phone: +37167147833, +37167754811 or e-mail:

Gong Sound Therapy

If you are interested to try this unique therapy, please, call by phone:  + 37129549983 or e-mail:

Gong sound therapy is a very ancient, deep and unusual healing and meditation practice. This therapy has deep effect on the environment space as well as on people and all other living organisms. Gong sound or voice of the Universe is inexhaustible, rejuvenating, healing life energy that effects everything - thoughts, words, activities, organisms/cells.

In the Western World gongs and the Tibetan singing bowls are brought from the East not so long ago. Anyone from Western world who has lived in a very different cultural environment with different traditions, but they - the same as Eastern culture people, when they get to know this sacred, ancient instrument, they have very profound changes in themselves. Gong and Tibetan singing bowls in their true essence, are unique because they reveal you to yourself and the way the Creator created the universe - and on this path you must be prepared to get to know yourself from the very beginning.

The real strength of the Universe sound is that it doesn't allow you to stay unreal - it round after round detaches all your masks. This is an usual and versatile process - as the revival, where you have to accept this transformation and watch the changes. The gong sounds the voice of the Universe helps you to hear the supreme, consciousness and your soul, as well as to hear the truth.

Meditation will be led by Reiki master - teacher and Gong/sound therapist Krista Julia Kirkupa.

Participation fee (only in cash) - 20 EUR.

Please, bring with you warm socks and blanket.

Personal growth group "Progressus"

"People are able to get to know themselves only among other people" Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

This group is likely to be suited to you if:

  • If you lack the strength and confidence in your decisions and actions
  • If you want to understand your life's true desires, interests and objectives
  • If you want to recover your "internal forces", harmony and confidence in the things you do, what you feel and where to go in the future
  • If you want to improve yourself, find yourself in a new creative adjustment methods.

In group meetings based on each group member's personal experience, we will talk about topics such us:

  • Feelings. Emotions. Their interaction with our mind and intellect
  • Our needs and our freedom - how they get along with other people's needs and freedom. Personl boundaries.
  • Self-esteem and self-acceptance.Responsibility
  • Creative adaption and new life situation solutions
  • Aid as a resource. Internal and external support
  • Other topics that will be interesting for group members.

The groups led by: Lauma Kasatkina, Mag.psych., Gestalt therapist, psychotherapist.

Payment for one session (one day) - 50 EUR.

Registration for the group by phone: +37167147833, mob.t. + 37129549983 or e-mail:

 We are more accessible to our patients




Saying " that exist which will change" is also reflected in our clinic operations. We want to be closer and more accessible to you, our current and future patients.


The name - "Clinic Dzintari" - reflects  the fact that this place close to the sea has a therapeutic effects. One of our  logo elements is a heart symbol. Everyone around the world feel with a heart, even think with the mind. Heart, both physically and in emotional level is the life rhythm maker. At the same time our heart is a symbol of love and tolerance, in any situation in life means being together – with others, with their counterparts.

We want you to know, that we moving with the times, become increasingly sophisticated and accessible to patients. The services we offer and the quality of service remains the same – in this case, we'll still be in the highest professional level. We are pleased to see, that our work improves your physical and emotional well-being. If you have any questions about our new changes, welcome to contact us by phone, electronically or in person by visiting our clinic.